Platform for
the Metaverse
Integrate, Customize, Monetize, and Play with interoperable
characters across the Metaverse and Virtual Worlds
Direct Play
Drop into any Metaverse with your favorite Photorealistic, Stylized, or Fantasy character -- or your own digital twin!
Tokenized Characters
All our characters are fully decentralized, secured and tokenized using the ERC1155 standard for full ownership, permanence and real world value.
Elevated Avatar Experience
Access unique, professionally crafted characters, multi skeleton characters, doppelgangers and enjoy unprecedented levels of character customizations.
For Artists
Augment your character creation and pipeline with our character stack.
For Developers
Integrate characters into your world with just a few lines of code.


Dave Fontenot
Backend Capital
James Tamplin
Backend Capital
Lucy Guo
Backend Capital
Vijay Joshi

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